Chronicle of Events - 1990.




April 7
Unveiling of Commemorative Plaque in Main Lobby in recognition of significant contributions of family and friends dedicated to the memory of victims of Air India Flight 182.


June 7 & 8
For a second time, The Credit Valley Hospital is awarded a Three Year Accreditation by Canadian Council on Health Facilities Accreditation - the highest award possible.

June 20
Steve Mahoney, MPP Mississauga West, announces on behalf of Health Minister Elinor Caplin, an $80,000 community health promotion grant for a drug abuse programme to be run by The Credit Valley Hospital in conjunction with the Peel Health Department and Peel Parents Against Drugs.

Quasar Award - Silver for Outstanding Achievement in Video Communications, "The Commitment Continues".

Quasar Award - Bronze for Outstanding Achievement in Video Communications "A Healthy Contribution".

International Film & TV Festival of New York - Silver Medal for "The Adventures of Ruffus and Andy - The Rescue"












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