Chronicle of Events - 1999.





December 31, 1999 - January 1, 2000
No problems attributed to Y2K rollover!

December 23rd.
Health Minister Elizabeth Witmer announces additional operating funds of $6.8 million for the hospital.
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September 16th.
CVH hosts the June Baby Boom Event! There were an unprecedented number of multiple births at the hospital in June. There were An unprecedented nine sets of twins and one set of triplets were born during the month of June 1999. The total number of multiple births for the entire 1998/99 fiscal year was one set of triplets and 47 sets of twins.
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August 23
Death of Mr. Richard Clewes, Founding Chairman of The Credit Valley Hospital's Board of Governors
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June 19: The Credit Valley Hospital Welcomes Two New Governors to Board Table:
Eileen McMahon and Richard Podsiadlo.
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June 17: Dangerous Curves Ahead:
The road to health care at the Credit Valley Hospital has some dangerous curves ahead according to the hospital’s year-end statistics and future year projections. The hospital’s operating volumes have increased dramatically in many programs and services.
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Credit Valley Hospital Says Thanks.
D. Wayne Fyffe, President and CEO of The Credit Valley Hospital says he is delighted with the most recent announcement of new funding from the Ministry of Health. The hospital is to receive $3.1 million in interim funding for nursing.
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