Chronicle of Events - 2002.


CVH ER physician Rhonda Taylor guest appears on the hit medical sitcom Scrubs and on the personal adventure program "Thrill of a Lifetime". "Thrill" selected Rhonda because she is such a big fan of Scrubs. They visited CVH to surprise Rhonda and announce her Thrill on the W-Network.

CTV broadcasts National News Live from CVH ER
On the heels of the Romanow Report on the Future of Health Care in Canada, CTV National Television News broadcast reaction from across the country to the long-awaited health care reform document. The broadcast resulted from an in-depth profile of the hospital's challenged ER due to lack of beds and extreme population growth earlier in the fall.

October 24
Research-based pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline, announces $1 Million donations to The Credit Valley Hospital and to Trillium Health Centre. CVH renames its asthma education centre in honour of the company and their generous gift.
The hospital's heliport is relocated to make room for construction of the Carlo Fidani Peel Regional Cancer Centre. The new heliport includes advanced features such as remote-controlled landing lights that the pilot can adjust from the air.
Credit Valley’s Unique Traveling Suitcase and Road Show Programs.
Young students will now get the chance to play doctor or nurse, examine x-rays to see what everything from a broken bone to a swallowed penny, and prescribe treatments to their “patients” all in the comfort of their own classrooms.
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June 28: The Credit Valley Hospital is to receive $12,577,400 million in additional operating funding for the fiscal year which began April 1, 2002. The funding will assist the hospital in meeting its day to day needs in serving the patients of Peel and Halton.
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For the fourth consecutive year, The Credit Valley Hospital has been voted the Best Hospital in the Mississauga News Reader's Choice Awards - receiving the Platinum Award.
Once again, CVH, along with other health care providers in Peel/Halton, has been selected "Where We Get the Best Health Care" in Canada in the annual Maclean's Magazine survey.

Model patient rooms are built to help test future designs for paediatric, perinatal and complex continuing care rooms.
April 29
The honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care announces the provision of $27.1 million to build CVH's new regional maternal/child centre.
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April 25
The Credit Valley Hospital, in cooperation with Peel Health, is sending information letters to more than one hundred parents of newborns asking them to participate in a health assessment of their children. The action stems from recent concerns about tuberculosis in infants.
Generous donations allow for renovations of palliative care family lounge and patient bedroom.

The Sikh community pledges $1.7 million towards The CVH Foundation's $50 Million capital campaign. The first $100,000 raised will commemorate the renaming of the existing hospital pharmacy as the Guru Nanak Pharmacy. The total pledge of $1.7 Million will result in the naming of "C" Block and the naming of patient rooms within "C" Block.


March 27: $350 Million Capital Expansion Will See The Existing Hospital Structure Double In Size While Maintaining A Sense Of Community In A Healing Environment.
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March22: Credit Valley Nurses Recognized as a Quality Practice Setting. The nurses at The Credit Valley Hospital were honoured today by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) for their quality practice initiatives undertaken over the last three years.
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Paediatrics launches a new, innovative therapeutic clown program. Lucia Cino is CVH's first therapeutic clown, Nuula.

















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