Chronicle of Events - 2004.


Credit Valley launches new 8-zone television channel “Credit Valley Current” as a pilot project for North American hospitals.  Partnership between Infomedica and Capital Networks.
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Canada AM hosts its program LIVE at Credit Valley on the occasion of the first day of the historical federal/provincial health summit in Ottawa. Segments from the emergency department and labour and delivery highlighted overcrowded conditions and resulting “throughput” issues.


Premier Dalton McGuinty visits the hospital to promote Credit Valley’s benchmark initiatives with nursing recruitment and foreign trained nurses

Credit Valley ER Chief, Eric Letovsky hosts the national media as part of Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) media blitz to address emergency physicians concerns over wait times nation-wide.

Credit Valley President and CEO, Wayne Fyffe wins International Association of Business Communicators (Toronto) CEO of the Year Award for his commitment to excellence in communication.
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Credit Valley Board Chair Norm Loberg and Chief of Staff, Dr. Barbara Clive present the hospital’s second brief to Queens Park regarding Bill 8.


Credit Valley Media Services wins Canadian Public Relations Association (Toronto) Award for best audio/visual presentation for “Keeping the Promise”.


Credit Valley Board Chair, Norm Loberg and hospital president Wayne Fyffe present their brief to the Standing Committee on Justice and Social Committee regarding Bill 8: Future of Medicare Act

PRIISME Launch by GlaxoSmithKline announcing Credit Valley as one of four Ontario hospital sites to participate in the PRIISME program to promote community-based patient care for asthma, COPD and diabetes.


















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