Volunteer Involvement at The Credit Valley Hospital

Volunteers are an integral part of The Credit Valley Hospital. Not only do they bring to the organization a wealth of knowledge and experience, they also bring a perspective that provides community input. Volunteers play an important role in the hospital in supporting the delivery of quality, compassionate healthcare to the patients of our hospital.

The Volunteer Resources Department is responsible for the administration of the volunteer program at The Credit Valley Hospital. It ensures that volunteers are provided with the ongoing support, guidance, training, education workshops, and supervision required during their placement.

Volunteers provide patient support, clerical assistance and sales help in our "Shop At The Valley" store, as well as facilitating fundraising activities in support of The Credit Valley Hospital.

To ensure consistency of service, adult volunteers are asked to make a 6 month, 3 hours a week commitment. Youth volunteers are asked to make a 60 hour commitment.

As we are in the process of converting to an on-line application system, we are not accepting any new volunteers at this time. Please call 905-813-4112 mid December for an update.

Students interested in volunteering must attend a one hour Information Session. You must sign up in advance to attend the Information Session as there is limited registration. Application packages are only distributed at these sessions. Please call the Volunteer Resources Department for information on upcoming sessions.

Our Volunteer Youth Program provides an opportunity for students to explore career opportunities, improve life skills, and obtain academic credits through high school, college, and/or university programs. Experienced and committed youth volunteers also have the opportunity to strive for a role as a Youth Team Leader and become a member of our Youth Committee. The Youth Committee helps determine the standards and expectations of how the program operates at Credit Valley.

"I would like to use this opportunity to express my thanks to you for all that you have done for me over the years in assisting me to achieve my goals. I need you to know that I would not be where I am today if it were not for my volunteer experience at CVH, giving eager students and volunteers continuous encouragement, support and that push in the right direction."

David Rampaul,
London Health Sciences, former CVH volunteer

Questions? Read Our Commonly Asked Questions or for more information about volunteer opportunities, please contact the Volunteer Services Department at (905) 813-1585.

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The Credit Valley Volunteer Partners

Volunteers at The Credit Valley Hospital are represented by a self-governing volunteers’ board, which operates as a division within The Credit Valley Hospital. The Credit Valley Volunteer Partners’ Board is accountable to The Credit Valley Hospital Board of Directors.

The purpose of The Credit Valley Volunteer Partners’ Board is to provide volunteer leadership and guide volunteers in achieving the hospital's mission and vision. They are responsible for identifying the strategic direction that the volunteers take to enhance their involvement within the hospital.

Volunteers have a long history with our hospital. The Credit Valley Hospital Associates was formed in 1979 with a mandate to provide ongoing fundraising activities, positive public relations in the community, volunteer enthusiasm and leadership. This was at a time when the hospital was still in the planning stages.

In 2000, the Associates, after holding several focus groups with the volunteer membership, created a strategic plan for their future. At this time their name was changed from The Credit Valley Hospital Associates to The Credit Valley Volunteer Partners.

The Credit Valley Volunteer Partners' vision is to be recognized as people helping people, making a difference to those around us.

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Medical Education - Patients Playing a Part Program

Patients Playing a Part (PPP) is a group of community members with or without medical symptoms that volunteer their time to be interviewed by medical students from the Mississauga Academy of Medicine.

This is a unique opportunity to donate your time, without having to make a weekly commitment. First and second year medical students will interview you about your medical history and conduct a simple physical exam. Your level of involvement is up to you! Minimum commitment is only 2 sessions throughout the academic year, September to May. Sessions are held on Thursday or Friday morning from approximately 8:00am to 12:00pm.

Your privacy and confidentiality will be maintained at all times. These sessions are for learning purposes only, so assessment, advice or treatment must remain with your own family physician

Please Note: “Patients Playing a Part” is supported through the Medical Education Department and not through the hospital’s Volunteer Resources Department.

The  Patients Playing a Part program, will be an interesting and rewarding experience, as you contribute to your medical community and support the education of future physicians.

Click here for more information on the Patients Playing a Part Program


Thank You CVH Volunteers!

Did you know that Credit Valley's student and adult volunteers contributed more than 115,790 hours of their time to support patient care last year?
Why do they do it? We asked volunteers...

Jessie Solarski
Jessie Solarski , Volunteer
Jessie Solarski's friend enticed her to become a volunteer at CVH. Jessie works in palliative care supporting families who are traveling through an end of life journey with their loved one. She finds the work rewarding…so much so that she volunteers in other patient areas as well.

Daniel Mak
Daniel Mak, Youth Emergency Department Volunteer
Daniel Mak has completed over 720 hours since he began to volunteer in November 2005. Daniel was a former gift shop volunteer, providing sales help and is currently an Emergency Department volunteer. In addition to his gift of time, he has participated in a variety of fundraising events ranging from our youth car wash to our annual Erin Mills Town Center Gift Wrap. As a testament to his abilities he is the only student volunteer who currently trains new volunteers in the Emergency Department. In addition, he has helped to update the service description for Emergency Department volunteers, ensuring it is accurate and comprehensive.

To all our student and adult volunteers like Jessie and Daniel, thank you for your compassion and dedication to our patients, staff and physicians.

The Credit Valley Hospital “Shop At The Valley”

Located in the inpatient hospital lobby is our new “Shop At The Valley” store. This bigger, brighter gift shop is not only one of a kind, but carries many new unique items that you will not be able to find anywhere else. The Shop At The Valley is operated by The Credit Valley Volunteer Partners and staffed by volunteers. The shop carries selected lines of women’s clothing that is currently only available in specialty boutiques. There is a great selection of giftware, lingerie, shoes and boots, children’s clothes, toys, greeting cards, books, hand knitted crafts and of course fresh flowers.

To have flowers sent to a patient, call (905) 813-2200 ext 6224.

The Shop At The Valley Hours:

Monday to Wednesday   10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Thursday & Friday   10:00 am – 8:30 pm
Saturday   11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday   12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

The Travelling Suitcase and Road Show

Recognizing the need to educate children about hospital care, The Credit Valley Volunteers provide a program, which brings the hospital right to the community's children with a popular program: Travelling Suitcase and the Road Show. Offered to kindergarten and elementary schools in the Mississauga area, the program is designed to provide young students with information about healthcare and is an excellent opportunity to quell children's fears, giving them a better understanding of the hospital and what they can expect when visiting. For more information or to book the program please call the Volunteer Resources Department at (905) 813-4112.


Commonly Asked Questions

I am an adult (completed school), how do I become a volunteer?

As we are in the process of converting to an on-line application system, we are not accepting any new volunteers at this time. Please call 905-813-4112 mid December for an update.

I am a student (high school, college, university), how do I become a volunteer?

Student application packages are distributed at 'information sessions'. You must sign up for an information session prior to attending. Please contact the Volunteer Resources Department at 905-813-1585 for upcoming dates and times.

I need to do 40 hours of volunteer work for school. Can I do this?

Youth interested in volunteering must be 15 years of age and be able to commit to 60 hours. After your 60 hour commitment has been completed we will gladly give you a letter or sign your school’s documentation to confirm your volunteer hours.

Can I take holidays?

Yes, of course. But we do expect you to let us know when you are going on holidays and when you are returning. Any volunteer who does not work for three consecutive months - without letting the Volunteer Resources Department know of their absence - will automatically be removed from our active list and their position will be filled by a new volunteer.

Can I work in whatever area I want?

Volunteers only work in areas in which staff have expressed a need for volunteer help. It is during the interview where you choose which department you would like to volunteer.

What kinds of jobs need to be done?

Volunteers are placed in over 73 different areas of the hospital, ranging from Ambulatory Care to Nursing Units as well as departments within the Peel Regional Cancer Center. The duties involved can range from working in our patient clinics, delivering hospital mail, assisting on our information desk, providing clerical assistance to staff or participating in fundraising activities such as helping in our gift shop.

Do we get free parking?

Registered Volunteers receive complimentary parking for each of their scheduled shifts.

I have received professional training (e.g. nurse, physician, physical therapy, counselor) may I practice that as a volunteer?

No. We welcome volunteers with health care backgrounds but volunteers are to work within the scope of duties assigned to their volunteer role. Volunteering will not provide you with an opportunity to practice or develop clinical or technical skills.

For further information about volunteer opportunities, please contact the Volunteer Resources Department at (905) 813-1585.


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