Tips to Reduce Your Risks For Falls in Your Home


Most of us consider our home to be a safe place, but at the same time can have risk factors which may increase your chance of falling.

Some suggestions to make your home a safer place to live are:

  • remove clutter and clean up spills when they happen
  • remove scattered rugs or tape edges down using duct tape
  • secure electrical cords close to the wall to avoid tripping
  • make sure there is adequate space to maneuver between pieces of furniture to avoid having to turn sideways
  • use good footwear, for example anti-slip and proper fitting shoes

Tips in the bathroom:

  • use a non-skid mat inside and outside the bathtub or shower stall and toilet
  • ensure grab bars in bathtub are installed by a professional (you may need to install grab bars by the toilet to help with getting up)
  • ensure you have a well-lit path from your bedroom to the bathroom and keep a night light on in the bathroom at night

Tips for the stairs:

  • keep stairs well lit and free of clutter
  • if possible install solid handrails on both sides of the staircase

Outside home tips:

  • keep front steps and walkways in good repair and free of snow, ice, leaves etc
  • make sure the front step and walkway is well lit

By making simple adjustments to your home you can help prevent falls from happening.

Angela Mitrovic PT, Physiotherapist, and Myra Del Rosario OT Reg. (Ont.), Occupational Therapist

Credit Valley Hospital