Renal Care Centre At Watline Avenue Extending Hospital Into The Community


This is a state-of-the-art renal care facility with 24 treatment "stations" located at Watline Avenue and Hurontario Streets in Mississauga in a small strip mall.
The centre will eventually be able to provide service for up to 144 clients. CVH currently provides renal care for 273 patients at the hospital.
The renal care centre is a key part of Credit Valley's multi-phase expansion project. Building the new facility outside of the hospital setting promotes the sense of wellness in spite of the serious nature of patients' kidney disease.
That sense of wellness is carried over in every design detail at the centre. Frosted doors separate the renal care centre from the rest of the mall, which also houses government offices for the Department of Veteran's Affairs and Immigration, as well as a hair salon convenience store and coffee shop. Inside, cathedral high ceilings and streams of windows envelop the open, circular treatment area and office space.
The centre offers "seamless care" - the advantages of the hospital but in a more relaxed, community setting. The renal care centre offers an easy-to-access, comfortable environment. And because we are directly linked to CVH, the expertise and services of a hospital setting are available.
The centre is directly linked to the hospital's phone and electronic communication systems (i.e. video and email), as well as pharmacy, laboratory, health records and mail delivery. Clients of the centre can pick up prescriptions and staff can find out about lab results without having to go to the hospital.
The centre is also leading-edge technologically in terms of its own equipment. The new dialysis machines have more capabilities and are able to download patient information (such as blood pressure) directly from the equipment to specialized software, which helps assess the effectiveness of the treatment.
There are additional features for patients. Haemodialysis requires that the patient remain in their chair during the four-hour treatment. Television and phone connection right at the treatment station means clients can dial into their Internet provider.
New patients are introduced to the centre by attending the pre-dialysis clinic to assess their needs. Medically stable patients can receive care at the centre and those who are less stable will be admitted to the hospital's on-site haemodialysis program. This helps keep space available at the hospital for those who need it most. Those patients, once stronger, will also be treated at the new facility.


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