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When we think of hospitals, we think of a place to go when we're sick or injured. But hospitals and the professionals who work in them, possess a wealth of information regarding the prevention of illness and injury.

These pages are designed to provide you with useful, reliable information about a variety of health issues and prevention tips. Much of this information has been taken from the pages of Credit Valley's newspaper, "A Credit To Your Health" which is published five times each year and distributed to homeowners in Mississauga via the Mississauga News. Copies of the complete issues of "A Credit To Your Health" can be reviewed through the Publications section of our website.

We hope you will find our wellness information useful and informative. If you have suggestions for future articles, please feel free to send us an email at

Keep Healthy!


The Credit Valley Hospital Paediatric Oncology Services
Post-Operative Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy Care - What to Expect


Personal Care Items: 1D Rehabilitation Unit


A guide to 2B for Patients and Families


Nutrition Guidelines During and After Treatment for Breast Cancer
Antioxidants and Cancer Therapy
Do You Have A Healthy Weight? Find out your Body Mass Index on this Scale


The Credit Valley Hospital Maternal Child Services - Hospital Stay Info
Post-Partum Depression
Prenatal Education Program
Suggested Reading List for Prepared Childbirth
Newborn Screening - A Healthy Start

Diabetes Care Cantre

DCC Department Info For -Adults and Children With Diabetes


Family Guide to Least Restraint
Community Addiction Resource List
Your Guide to ER and CVH english
Your Guide to ER and CVH chinese

Your Guide to ER and CVH punjabi

Overcrowding in ER
ER - Welcome Patients

Geriatric Assessment Unit

Welcome to the Geriatric Assessment Unit for treatment and reactivation (GAU – 1D)



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