Patient Education Library

Welcome to our patient education library. We hope the following education resources assist you and your family in gaining knowledge and making decisions.
We strive to develop and provide you with information that is accurate and relevant to assist you through your cancer journey at Credit Valley Hospital.

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Be Informed: Resources for your cancer journey

Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast Cancer and Lymphedema

Health Information Related to Food, Nutrition and Cancer

Oncology Guide to Reliable Web sites

Nutrition Guidelines During and After Treatment for Breast Cancer

Radiation Therapy at The Carlo Fidani Peel Regional Cancer Centre

Radiation Therapy for Palliative Treatment at The Carlo Fidani Peel Regional Cancer Centre

Registered Dietitians at The Carlo Fidani Peel Regional Cancer Centre

Use of Natural Health Products During Chemotherapy and Radiation

Audio Podcast MP3 Podcasts:

Breast Cancer Treatment Strategies

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Do I need a will; For Cancer Patients

Drug Benefit Programs for Cancer Patients

Financial Support for Cancer Patients

Supportive & Palliative Cancer Care

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Video Podcast MP4 (video) Podcasts:

Colon Cancer Screening (Dr. Imran Rasul)

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These educational materials are not a substitute for professional medical advice. For more information, speak with your health care team at the Peel Regional Cancer Centre.







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