Career Mobility


Career Development

You’ll have the opportunity to build your career as a healthcare professional. On top of that, you can help shape and deliver exemplary patient and family centered care – whether on the front line or through support services. Now more than ever, we are encouraging employees to take on new initiatives/challenges to enhance their skills and experience.

Opportunities to facilitate career development allow for:

  • broader experience of employees
  • opportunity to create more rewarding careers and;
  • to assist in enhancing our services to patients, their families and visitors.

We can provide you with the education and experience you need to grow continue learning and/or realize your career goals.

Temporary Assignments:

Access a wide variety of work experiences within and between departments to help develop skills and expand career options.

Transferable Skills

There are initiatives in place in many different areas including Corporate Education and Our People Care that aid in the development of people skills that are key components throughout Credit Valley.


At Credit Valley, we strive to ensure all employees have the opportunity, direction and support required to excel and advance in their careers.