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Inter-professional Staff Profiles

  1. Jackie, RN
    Registered Nurse

    My passion to make a difference in patient’s lives is driven by the ability to work in an environment like the Credit Valley Hospital. more» The atmosphere gives each day a variety of challenges, which keeps the enthusiasm fresh and energetic! To see the recovery of a patient or even a smile from a patient's family member gives me a sense that I have done my job effectively, and that is paramount! The hospital has a strong core of Inter-disciplinary team members, all working towards the most optimal level of care for our patients. There is the opportunity to interact with a diverse community and primary care nursing supports the continuity of patient care. The hospital provides many opportunities to participate in a vast number of education courses including nursing conferences, workshops and training courses. Through a variety of programs there is the opportunity for one to share knowledge and expertise with nursing students and working hours are flexible to meet the needs of the staff members and the unit. Our Nursing Administrators are committed to both professional development and personal growth. I am proud to work and live in the Mississauga community!collapse

  2. Liana, RPN
    Registered Practical Nurse

    I started my work at CVH as a student completing my clinical preceptorship and knew through this experience it was the place I wanted to work. more» At CVH, there is such a sense of community and a feeling that you truly belong – like part of a family.
    CVH is known to provide quality, compassionate care to the people and the community. It is a very exciting place for RPN’s to work- the RPN role is expanding at the hospital to include the acute care units and as RPN’s we are able to perform to our full scope of practice. At Credit Valley, there is a continued emphasis on education by providing staff with courses on and off site. CVH is a hospital that responds and changes alongside its community.collapse

  3. Gord, RN (EC), NP-PHC, BScN
    Nurse Practitioner

    Working as a Nurse Practitioner in General Medicine allows me to implement a medical care plan within a multidisciplinary framework that supports the patients and their families. more» It is very exciting to be a part of this new initiative that is being supported by all levels of the organization.
    I have worked at CVH in many different capacities and it is the quality of the professionals and their commitment to upholding and further improving the quality patient and family care that keeps me here.
    There is a strong sense of community amongst staff and with the patients which really differentiates CVH from other hospitals. The opportunity to work with such high quality individuals and respected programs attract health care professionals to Credit Valley who are committed to make a difference in the care of our patients and families.collapse

What makes the CVH Patient Care Team unique?


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  • Professional Model
    • PEN-Professional Excellence in Nursing is based on mentorship, partnership and empowerment of nurses. Our focus is the therapeutic relationship with our patients. We support our staff in the development of therapeutic relationships with patients and with our inter-professional team members by promoting open and respectful communication.
    • Partnership Councils-be included with your peers, Nurse Manager and Nurse Educator and contribute to change on your unit such as bedside report and daily bullet rounds.
    • Nursing Excellence Awards-nurses from all areas are honored by their peers for their contribution to nursing. This is done through peer nominations.
    • Nursing Week-several activities planned throughout the week such as nursing grand rounds and our traditional nursing week dinner. Nurses celebrating each other.
  • Nursing Education and Professional Growth
    • Skills days-variety of workshops addressing different skill sets such as skin care, basic and advanced, central venous access devices, level I and level II, and preceptor workshops.
    • Lunch and Learn Sessions-monthly sessions on medication updates, new equipment including safety devices and skill refresher for central venous access devices.
    • Extensive Orientation-orientation specific to nursing in the first week. Individualized unit specific orientation with a mix of preceptored shifts and classroom education time specific to your individual skill set and learning needs.
    • Personal and Professional Growth-get involved in one of our committees such as Joint Occupational Health and Safety or Human Resources Advisory Committee.
  • Benefits of Nursing at CVH
    • Job sharing
    • Self scheduling options
    • Computer documentation systems
    • Comprehensive benefits package
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