Learning Opportunities

At Credit Valley, we recognize the importance of professional growth as well as personal growth. We are committed to the training and development of employees. As an employee, you will have access to innovative learning opportunities offered in-class, by e-learning and mentoring.

You can access specific, individual courses or follow a full program leading to certification. You’ll be able to improve your skills in a variety of areas, including:

  • personal development,
  • communications,
  • technology,
  • management and leadership.

Examples of some of our Learning Programs:

Our People Care:

Our People Care is a corporate initiative that focuses on further promoting a healthy working environment and caring relationships among all people in the hospital.

The underlying philosophy of the program is:

Excellence in Patient Care Achieved through Excellence in People Care.

We believe that Our People Care provides the framework, and necessary skills to create positive and empowering working environments, and relationships and partnerships among all people based on mutual trust and respect.

We believe that Our People Care is vital in achieving our goals and providing excellent care and service to the community we serve.

Patient and Family Centred Care:

The core values of our philosophy of care were developed on input from the health care team, community representatives, patients, and patient families. Each core value is characterized by key principles evidenced by key actions and attitudes.

The goal is for the health care team to work together to encourage the consistent adoption of these values and behaviours across the entire organization, so that we will be known for our culture of caring.

Certificate in WorkSkills:

Seven course certificate that promotes essential tools for work success!

Participants will learn techniques to work more effectively on the job and deal positively with challenging situations. Graduates of the program will feel more confident about their own work skills and ability to perform effectively on the job.

Computer Education:

A computer education site on the Intranet promotes knowledge sharing using various tools and technology for standard applications used at Credit Valley.

Computer education includes:

  • Microsoft Office Suite,
  • content management systems such as SharePoint and Paradigm.

Clinical Education includes:

CPR, Infection Prevention and Control, Nursing and more …


Mentoring connects employees to experienced and skilled colleagues, for career development, maintaining work relationships, the processes and structure of healthcare or specific skills.