Medical Staff Opportunities

Mississauga is one of the safest of all large cities when compared to other communities of similar or larger population. The city of nearly a million residents, is comprised of many different ethnic communities, has much to offer in the arts, entertainment and culture. Toronto’s major cultural, educational and entertainment centers are only a short drive away. These attributes have enabled Credit Valley to attract and retain some of the best clinical professionals in the country.

CVH is an organization that has successfully provided excellent quality patient care since opening its doors in 1985. We continually strive to improve the overall patient experience by providing a patient centred approach that focuses on the relationship with the patient and family. Using an inter-professional model patients are given the support they need to make informed treatment decisions and deal with their health issues.

In recent years, medical education at CVH has expanded to include medical trainees (medical students, residents and fellows) throughout the organization and in most clinical programs. Our Family Medicine Teaching Unit has helped drive our goal of becoming a partially affiliated teaching hospital. In 2008/09, CVH welcomed approximately 310 medical trainees in clinical areas including family medicine, emergency medicine, Obstetrics and paediatrics. As a partner in the Mississauga Academy with Trillium Health Centre and the University of Toronto Mississauga, we are preparing for 54 undergraduate medical students per year by 2011.

Here are reasons why some of our medical professionals joined our team:

  1. Eric Letovsky MD, CM,
    MCFP(EM), FRCP(C), Chief, Department of Emergency Medicine, The Credit Valley Hospital; Associate Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto.

    I was drawn to Credit Valley by the opportunity to work in a progressive and innovative hospital that has the vision, commitment and the people to create a world-class health facility. Credit Valley fosters an extremely positive, healthy and collegial atmosphere amongst the physicians.

  2. Dr. David Clarkson MD,
    CCFP, MBSc., Medical Director, Family Medicine Teaching Unit

    I was attracted to CVH and continue to be so by the sense of belonging to a team where each member’s skills are appreciated and exploited to the benefit of the patient. New physicians have had the privilege of receiving the finest training and education to date. At CVH this is only the beginning as these skills and knowledge will only continue to grow and develop.

  3. Paul Philbrook, MD, CFPC
    Chief, Department of Family Medicine, The Credit Valley Hospital; Associate Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto.

    Here at the Credit Valley Hospital, you will have an opportunity to practice very high quality medicine in a friendly, supportive, collegial environment. A community hospital and a regional centre for cancer care, maternal-child, genetics, dialysis and geriatrics, you will find yourself joining a group of highly skilled medical professionals. With Credit Valley’s recent expansion of medical education to become a formal academic centre you will have an opportunity to practice in a community hospital setting, and pursue an academic career at the same time.

  4. Jane Healey, MD, FRCPC
    Staff Paediatrician, The Credit Valley Hospital; Associate Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto.

    Credit Valley is the best of both the clinical and academic worlds. We have large patient volumes with interesting pediatric cases and are able to manage many without need for transfer of care to a tertiary care centre. I enjoy being involved in medical teaching of our own family medicine residents and pediatric clerks. There are even more exciting opportunities on the horizon with the opening of the new medical academy at the University of Toronto, Mississauga campus. Our department has incredibly talented and caring paediatricians who are a pleasure to work with. It is a privilege to have such a rewarding and well-balanced career.

We invite you to come, grow with us!

For more information Contact:

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