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December 7, 2010


The Credit Valley Hospital Leading the Wave
With First Ever Award for Quality Endoscopy in Canada
from Canadian Association of Gastroenterology

December 7, 2010...Mississauga ON – The Credit Valley Hospital is the first recipient of the Quality Program Endoscopy (QPE) Award from the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology (CAG). The initiative, centred on a web-based, patient centred evaluation tool, measures clinical quality of care and patient experience for continuous quality improvement in the delivery of endoscopy services in Canada.

Dr. David Morgan, head of gastroenterology, McMaster University and president of the Canadian Association of Gastroenterologists and Paul Sinclair, executive director, Canadian Association of Gastroenterology presented the award to Dr. Krishna Menon, clinical director, gastroenterology; Ms. Shelley Barker RN, nurse leader in endoscopy and Dr. Roger Hollingworth, gastroenterologist who received it on behalf of The Credit Valley Hospital for quality improvements in endoscopy.

Dr. Roger Hollingworth is considered one of the early adapters since he was involved in quality initiatives at Credit Valley before the program had even been introduced in Canada. "We are grateful for this award which recognizes an excellent clinical team who provide access to the highest quality of patient centred care for our patients," says Dr. Roger Hollingworth.

The Global Rating Scale (GRS), a comprehensive tool which consistently measures quality endoscopy indicators throughout Canada, based on 12 items related to clinical quality and quality of the patient experience has been adapted from the tool used by the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom.

Indicators measured by the GRS scale include patient information; safety; quality of the procedure; comfort; appropriateness and communication of the results back to the referring physician. The patient experience is also evaluated based on equality of access and equity of provision; timelines; booking responsiveness and flexibility; privacy and dignity; aftercare and the ability to provide feedback to the patient.

"The CAG guidelines ensure the right patient has the right procedure at the right time so that we can achieve improved quality of outcomes and patient satisfaction while using limited resources in a responsible way," says Dr. David Morgan. "In this way, we can better manage demand and improve quality while addressing wait times."

Gastrointestinal disease accounts for 15% of all health care costs and causes short-term loss of productivity costing $1.14 billion per year. As the population ages, the demand to see a gastroenterologist is increasing rapidly since provincial programs are being launched to screen for and ultimately cure colon cancer – overall, the second leading cause of cancer death in Canada.

The CAG is comprised of over 1100 members who are actively involved in research, education and patient care in all areas of digestive health and disease, contributing to the physical, economic and social health of all Canadians.

Credit Valley Hospital staff receiving award
Left to right
Shay Savoy-Bird, patient care manager; Gail Klassen RN; Paul Sinclair, executive director, Canadian Association of Gastroenterology; Dr. Roger Hollingworth; Dr. Krishna Menon, clinical director, gastroenterology; Dr. David Morgan, head of gastroenterology, McMaster University and president of the Canadian Association of Gastroenterologists; Ms. Shelley Barker RN, nurse leader in endoscopy; Michelle DiEmanuele, president and CEO, The Credit Valley Hospital and Dr. Matt Gysler, chief of medical staff, The Credit Valley Hospital.

About Credit Valley:

Credit Valley is known for its innovative, can-do approach to providing quality patient care to the people of Mississauga and the surrounding region (approximately one million people). Credit Valley consistently meets Accreditation Canada's standards, as well as being a provincial leader in reducing ER wait times.

Clinical service programs include: general medicine, surgery, renal, oncology, emergency, mental health, complex continuing care, rehabilitation, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics and cardiac services as well as regional programs in clinical genetics, renal, maternal child care and oncology.

The Credit Valley Hospital values excellence, leadership, diversity and partnership so that Together, we create better health care.

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