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December 17, 2010


Credit Valley's Commitment to Patient Safety Recognized in National Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio (HSMR) Results

December 17, 2010...Mississauga ON –The Credit Valley Hospital is making significant strides in improving patient safety as evidenced by today's release of The Canadian Institute for Health Information's 2009/10 Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio (HSMR).

The HSMR is an important measure used to drive improvements in patient safety and quality of care in Canadian hospitals. It compares the actual number of patient deaths in a hospital or health region with the average Canadian experience and is adjusted for various factors that affect in-hospital mortality including age, sex, length of stay, diagnosis, and acute care hospital transfers. An HSMR equal to 100 reflects the national average.

In 2009/10, The Credit Valley Hospital scored well below the national average with an HSMR of 85, a positive improvement over the 100 the hospital scored in 2007/08 and the 98 it received in 2008/09. A glance at year-to-date 2010/11 HSMR data indicates the hospital is continuing to track well ahead of the national benchmark.

"Patient safety indicators, like the HSMR, allow us to trend over time and are crucial tools for helping us to monitor our hospital-wide efforts to improve patient safety and quality of care," says Michelle DiEmanuele, president and CEO, The Credit Valley Hospital. "These latest results reflect the exemplary efforts of a hospital team who have made quality and patient safety a strategic priority."

The Credit Valley Hospital's patient safety program encourages individual and team accountability for the identification and reporting of safety issues and advocates prevention through education, system redesign and/or process improvements. The hospital's HSMR ratio is just one of nine patient safety indicators posted on the hospital's website. It uses indicators as a means for identifying where the hospital is doing well in addressing patient safety and quality of care, and where improvements can be made.

Ongoing safety initiatives at the Credit Valley Hospital Include:

  • Increased infection control practices
  • Implementation of the surgical safety checklist
  • Hand Hygiene program

"Patient care and patient safety go hand in hand – it's a way of thinking and doing that is ingrained in our culture," says Kathryn Hayward-Murray, vice president, strategy & quality and chief nursing executive, The Credit Valley Hospital. "By trending this data, we are able to reinforce for our teams that the ongoing improvements they are making to improve care and safety are having a measurable impact on patient outcomes."

Trending HSMR Results – The Credit Valley Hospital

Credit Valey's HSMR Results Trending
2004/05 102
2005/06 98
2006/07 98
2007/08 100
2008/09 98
2009/10 85

The Credit Valley Hospital is proud to support the use of patient safety indicators, like the HSMR, in Canadian hospitals. 

“Our ability to benchmark our results against measures like these only serve to make our Canadian health system stronger by inspiring hospitals to push the envelope when it comes to improving patient safety and quality of care,” says DiEmanuele. “By leveraging indicators like these, we have the power to positively impact patient outcomes not only here in Mississauga, but across the country.”

For more information on the 2009/10 HSMR report and results for all Canadian hospitals, please visit For more information on what The Credit Valley Hospital is doing to address patient safety and quality improvement, please visit our website at


About Credit Valley:

The Credit Valley Hospital is a professional, caring, health care organization with more than 3000 employees, over 250 physicians and 700 volunteers.  Service programs include:  general medicine, surgery, renal, oncology, emergency, mental health, complex continuing care, rehabilitation, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics and cardiac services as well as regional programs in medical genetics, renal, maternal child care and oncology.  The Credit Valley Hospital has consistently achieved the highest awards from Accreditation Canada meeting national safety and patient care standards.



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