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Credit Valley Announces Next Steps in Plan to Strengthen Patient Care and
Restore Financial Stability

June 2, 2010

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Mississauga, ON): Credit Valley Hospital is implementing key steps to provide quality services, strengthen patient care, and restore financial stability. The hospital’s new service plans focus on protecting and investing in core services while phasing out some services that are more appropriately provided outside the hospital setting.

Hospital President and CEO Michelle DiEmanuele says “Significant service demands and fiscal pressures in the health care environment mean that we need to focus on providing services that should be provided in a hospital setting. The hospital’s strategic plan calls for a realignment of our services, investment in key priority areas, and strengthening of our financial base if we are going to meet the growing hospital care needs of our community today and tomorrow.”

“For the past 25 years, Credit Valley Hospital has provided quality care to the Mississauga community, ensuring that the needs of the region’s ever-growing population are met,”says DiEmanuele. “We’re reinvesting $1.5 million in core services such as the emergency department, surgery, critical care and programs that we have a regional responsibility for, namely maternal child care and cancer care. Our goal is to ensure that patients receive the right care in the right setting, and we will continue to work with our community partners to do so.”

DiEmaneule says “Changes will be implemented in a planned way that minimizes the impact on patients. Patients currently receiving care in areas where reductions are planned will not be impacted – these services will remain in place until their care is completed or can be transferred. We have been working closely with our funders and the many agencies and health care providers in our region to develop these plans.”

Recognized as one of the most efficient hospitals in Ontario, Credit Valley Hospital spends 4.3% less than comparable hospitals on a cost per weighted case basis. Over the last decade, the hospital has been challenged to meet the escalating needs of patients due to rapid unprecedented population growth in the region and the chronic issue of per capita underfunding. The hospital was in a $7 million deficit situation in each of the last two years.”

The service plan changes will result in a reduction in expenses by $17 million over the next two years. CVH will continue to work with the Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network to secure Government funding to expand critical care and surgical capacity. A study released by the LHIN supported the urgent need for more beds in this area. As well, CVH will continue to work with the government to secure appropriate funding to address the unprecedented growth in our community for priority areas.

DiEmanuele says, “In developing the service plans we have worked to minimize the overall impact on patients and staff. We are committed to our team of dedicated employees and know that without their skills and experience we would not be able to deliver the quality patient centred care that we do.”

As a result of the hospital’s Service Plan Implementation, of the total 3,112 staff complement, 104 staff have been impacted. Of those, 56 will be redeployed within the hospital and 35 have been provided severance. In addition part-time staff equivalent to 13 full-time positions will see a reduction in hours. No nurses have been laid off through these changes.

Hospital board chair, Joanne Rogers says the Board of Directors is fully committed to implementing Credit Valley’s new five-year strategic plan that was shaped by the input of 400 community members. “We are moving forward with the necessary choices to ensure that we continue to provide a high quality of care in essential hospital services. Guided by our goals of quality, access and sustainability, we will continue to consult and listen to the voices of our community members.”

For more information, contact:
Wendy Johnson ABC APR
Chief, Communication and Public Affairs
The Credit Valley Hospital
P: 905-813-2617
Email: wjohnson AT cvh DOT on DOT ca

Service Plans Details

Key Service Investments:

  • Opening of a new wing in Spring 2011.
  • Establishing a General Internal Medicine (GIM) program that will facilitate improved access and greater efficiencies in patient flow to relieve pressures across programs, including in the Emergency Department.
  • Maintaining cancer services, including surgery.
  • Investing in our regional maternal child program.
  • Expanding Surgical and Critical Care capacity (pending Ministry of Health approvals)

Key Service Changes:

  • Transitioning services that are more appropriately delivered in the community out of the hospital, such as a component of outpatient physiotherapy and adult speech language pathology.
  • Working with the Mississauga LHIN to transition complex continuing care services to regional partners who are mandated to focus on this important area of care.
  • Reducing hours for elective and non-urgent surgeries during summer and holiday periods.
  • Focusing renal services on patients who must receive dialysis in a hospital setting and cannot transition to home-based treatment program, but allowing for room to grow these services if funding becomes available.
  • Redesigning pre-surgery clinic to focus on those patients requiring special preoperative work that should be provided in the hospital.
  • Aligning ambulatory clinics with our regional programs and focusing on providing care that should be provided in a hospital setting.
  • Improving ambulatory care efficiencies in certain areas by revising hours of operation.
  • Staffing positions are being realigned, where appropriate, based on redesigned processes to improve efficiencies and better meet the needs of patients.
  • Improving overall efficiency in the hospital by implementing a variety of strategies, including lowering cost of supplies, eliminating unnecessary lab tests.

About The Credit Valley Hospital:

Credit Valley Hospital is a community hospital serving over 1.1 million people in the Mississauga-Halton Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). The hospital has 249 acute care beds, 40 rehab beds and 40 complex continuing care beds. In 2009/2010, Credit Valley Hospital saw 20,001 inpatient discharges, 83,742 emergency room visits and 392,901 outpatient visits. The hospital employs over 3,127 employees, has 265 active physicians and is supported by 1070 youth and adult volunteers.

About The Credit Valley Hospital’s Strategic Plan:

The service plans build on the framework in the hospital’s new five-year Strategic Plan, Together We Create Better Health Care, that was shaped by the input of 400 community members including patients, families, volunteers, staff, physicians and health care providers. Additional facts about the hospital can be found in the new strategic plan, Together We Create Better Healthcare.

The entire strategic plan and supporting materials are available on the hospital’s website at


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