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C. difficile outbreak declared over at The Credit Valley Hospital

July 14, 2011


(MISSISSAUGA) — In consultation with Peel Public Health, The Credit Valley Hospital has declared the outbreak of Clostridium difficile, or C. difficile, now over. With no new cases of hospital-acquired C. difficile infection since June 30, the hospital has met the criteria established under the Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act to declare the end of the outbreak. Credit Valley currently has 6 cases of hospital-acquired C. difficile.

“Our rigorous action plan enabled us to get the outbreak under control very quickly,” said Dr. Alicia Sarabia, Medical Microbiologist and Infection Control Officer and Chief of Medicine at The Credit Valley Hospital. “Our multi-pronged approach of aggressive cleaning, isolating patients, auditing our cleaning practices, and hand hygiene education was very effective. We are also implementing other measures — such as an assessment of our use of antibiotics for affected patients — to further reduce the incidence of C. difficile at Credit Valley, which has been consistently at or below the provincial average since public reporting began.”  

C. difficile is a bacterium commonly found in hospitals and long-term care facilities across North America. It is spread through contact, either directly with a person who is infected or by touching a contaminated surface – such as a toilet seat or doorknob – and then touching your mouth. C. difficile spores can survive on surfaces for weeks. Good handwashing practices are essential to prevent the spread of infection.

“At all times, the safety of our patients and their families is paramount,” said Credit Valley President and CEO Michelle DiEmanuele.  “I want to particularly commend the excellent work of our staff and the department of Peel Public Health who have worked tirelessly over the past several weeks to tackle this serious challenge.”

Although Credit Valley has now declared the outbreak over, for the next few weeks heightened surveillance and infection control precautions will be in place.  As a result, the hospital has decided to postpone the official opening celebration of the new A & H wings, which was planned for July 19 to a later date.


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