Credit Valley Hospital

Media Release


Focus on improving access to health care closer to home for residents of Mississauga and West Toronto

Message from the Chair:

Jagoda Pike

It is an absolute honour and privilege to have been appointed Chair of the Board of Directors for the new organization. This is definitely an exciting time in health care for this community. With the merger of The Credit Valley Hospital and the Trillium Heath Centre now approved, we will be bringing together two excellent, extremely efficient and highly regarded hospitals. Over the past several years both hospitals have been working very closely together on many shared fronts to provide the very best in patient care. It is based on this strong relationship that we firmly believe this merger will allow us to better serve our large, diverse and rapidly growing community by making it easier for patients to get the highest quality of health care they need closer to home.
Over time, our objective is to create one patient experience and approach to care. As we integrate our programs and technology and pool our resources, we will make it easier and faster to access services. For example, we will have one waitlist to consult for the next available appointment when booking an MRI or CT Scan. We are also committed to keeping the services you count on the most. Emergency Rooms will remain at each site as they are now, as will our urgent care centre.
The communities of Mississauga and West Toronto represent more than one million patients. As a single organization we will be able to give specialized physicians enough cases and the right equipment to provide treatment right here in Mississauga and West Toronto. That means more care and better care closer to home for patients.

Having access to a family doctor is a priority in almost all communities. With the merger and our partnership with the University of Toronto’s medical academywe will become one of the country’s largest community teaching hospitals, training tomorrow’s family doctors and leading specialists, increasing the chances they will chose to stay and practice right here in our community.

There is no doubt that living in one of the fastest growing and most diverse communities in Canada combined with ever increasing demand for services, we need to take a new and innovative approach to the delivery of health care. With this merger, we have a unique opportunity to work together to create a future in which it is easier for patients to get the highest quality of health care they need closer to home. We look forward to taking this historic journey with you.