Contact Telephone number (905) 813-2200 ext 3941
Contact Hotline number: (905) 813-1100 ext 6909
(additional information following birth after discharge for 1 week)

Mother and Baby Patient Care unit is a 35 bed postpartum and obstetrics unit, which consist of 18 private rooms, 7 semi-private rooms, and one three-bed room.

  • Mothers and their infants are transferred here after delivery
  • Average length of stay in the unit is 24-48 hours for women who deliver vaginally and 2-3 days for caesarean section deliveries
  • Breastfeeding support is key to our Baby Friendly Initiative
  • Daybeds for family member

Each bed is equipped with a telephone and a television. Long distance calls can only be made with a calling card. Patients can dial out at any time of the day however; incoming calls are disconnected from 10:00pm - 8:00am to help promote rest, relaxation and sleep.

Postpartum is a time of change and learning. To assist you and your family with the transition to parenthood and meet your learning needs the nursing staff provide one to one teaching and you have access to free in house learning programming (channel 123) via your bedside television which plays a variety of “caring for your baby” programs 24 hours per day.

Nursing staff receive special training assisting with feeding babies and provide education and support as required. Certified lactation consultants are also available daily by referral to assist you with breastfeeding. If the Lactation Consultant feels you would need more support she will organize an appointment for you within 24 hours after discharge in our follow up clinic. Community breasfeeding support is available through public health clinics in your area.

A family resource room is equipped with an ice and water machine, toaster, and fridge for your convenience. Please ensure any personal food and/or drinks placed in the refrigerator are clearly labeled with your name.

If mothers and their new baby meet established discharge criteria, discharge can occur 24 hours following a vaginal birth and 3 days following a caesarian birth. The goal is to discharge mother and baby together whenever possible.

Families should have a doctor for baby care identified as babies will need an appointment within 48 hours of discharge.

Families who require more breastfeeding support may connect with Public Health community support clinics.

Visiting Guidelines

Dad or your support person may spend the night in a private room. If in a semi-private room or ward room, however, both/all patients must agree to this arrangement.

We have begun a 2 hour quiet time from 2-4 p.m. for our families when no visiting occurs.

What Should You Bring to the Hospital?

For Mom:

  • discardable underwear
  • personal hygiene products
  • maxi pads
  • pillows

For Baby:

  • CMVSS approved car seat (with instruction booklet)
  • blankets
  • several outfits (optional, there are also hospital gowns available)
  • hat, mittens, socks or booties
  • diapers
  • breastfeeding pillow (optional)
  • pen to fill out forms

Please be advised: The Credit Valley Hospital does not allow latex balloons on site due to the risk of Latex allergy. (Mylar/Foil balloons are permitted)

While on Mother and Baby Patient Care Unit

Baby Channel
Channel 123 is a free channel which plays a variety of videos regarding “caring for one’s baby”. Short videos play 24 hours around the clock and may be paused at viewer’s choice. Every room on 3C will have this learning experience available.

Hearing Screening
Infant Hearing Screening is provided on-site prior to discharge according to the Ontario Infant Hearing Program.

Car Seat Safety
Please bring a CMVSS approved infant car seat to the hospital to take your new baby home the day of discharge. Your discharging nurse will review proper placement of your new baby in the infant car seat. Please ensure you have properly secured the base in the rear facing position in the vehicle where the baby will travel home following discharge prior to coming to the hospital.

Criteria for Discharge Home with Your Baby

For Mom:

  • Blood pressure, pulse, respirations and temperature to be within normal range
  • Vaginal bleeding slowed down
  • Will be voiding well
  • Will be passing gas
  • Will demonstrate that she can take care of baby

For Baby:

  • Blood pressure, pulse, respirations and temperature to be within normal range
  • Will have had a least one void and stool
  • Will be feeding independently with or without help from a nurse
  • Will have a weight no more than 10% less than his/her birth weight
  • Will have initial exam by a pediatrician/family doctor
  • Will have routine blood work drawn (Newborn Screening)
  • Will have hearing test done


See Interactive MapMother and Baby Patient Care Unit is located in Erin Mills Women's and Children's Health Centre of the Credit Valley Hospital (Flower Zone - level 3)
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Contact Telephone: 905 813-2200 ext 3941

Contact Hotline number: (905) 813-1100 ext 6909
(additional information following birth after discharge for 1 week)



The Gift of Breastmilk

We believe that breastmilk is the best nutritional start in life for your baby. Breastmilk contains all the nutrients required to help your baby grow and develop properly.
The Canadian Pediatric Society recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, with continued breastfeeding up to 1 year of life and beyond. After six months, babies continue to breastfeed along with the introduction of solid foods. Health Canada and The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding up to 2 years of age.
Breastfeeding your baby will take some time and patience, as you and your baby learn your new roles. Nurses and lactation consultants will be here to support you with breastfeeding.
In hospital, the nurses will assist you with breastfeeding. There are also daily breastfeeding classes taught by the lactation consultants that you should attend prior to discharge. A lactation consultant is available to assist you and your baby if you are having any challenges with breastfeeding.
After discharge you may be given a clinic appointment to assess and support breastfeeding.
It is essential that you follow-up with your family doctor within a few days of discharge, so that your baby’s feeding and weight gain can be assessed.
Community breastfeeding clinics through Peel Health are also available to give mothers extra support with breastfeeding after discharge. Breastfeeding support is available for up to six weeks.
Congratulations for choosing to give your baby the very valuable gift of breastmilk!


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