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Our People Care

Our People Care is a corporate initiative that focuses on further promoting a healthy working environment and caring relationships among all people* in the hospital. The underlying philosophy of the program is “Excellence in Patient Care Achieved through Excellence in People Care”. We believe Our People Care provides the framework, and necessary skills to create positive and empowering working environments, and relationships and partnerships amongst all people* based on mutual trust and respect. We believe that Our People Care is vital in achieving our goals and providing excellent care and service to the community we serve.

*The term People refers to all caregivers, patients, families and volunteers.

Article from a Credit to Your Health - winter 2004

Our People Care Program
by Brenda Zalter, Our People Care Coordinator
Our People Care is a unique “customer service” program developed by The Credit Valley Hospital. The program is developed from the mission, vision and values of the hospital. The Our People Care program is internally developed and supported by senior management. One of the goals of this program is to make the best working environment for and with staff in order to retain and recruit staff as we strive “To be the finest hospital in Canada in the hearts and minds of the people we serve”.

The content of the program is based on input from staff and individually tailored to meet the needs of individual “working groups”. The motto is: “Excellence in patient care achieved through excellence in people care”.

The program builds on the existing high level of quality of care and service, and enables our caregivers to live the values of the organization. Our values are excellence in patient care; respect; leadership; teamwork; accountability and partnership. These values are our guideposts on our journey to go from “good to great”. Our People Care believes that our values are reflected in our day-to-day actions: how we treat each other; how we treat our patients and how we relate to our community.

To accomplish this there are three phases designed to help caregivers (people who play a role in providing care and support services for patients and their families) care for each other; caregivers care for patients and families and in turn patients and families also must care for the caregivers.
The program is designed for physicians, volunteers and staff. Through the Our People Care philosophy our mission remains: “To offer quality, compassionate health care to the people of the growing communities of Peel and Halton.”