Credit Valley Hospitalt

Pharmacy Department





In-Patient Pharmacy Department

The Pharmacy Department provides;

  • pharmaceutical care to patients
  • safe and efficient drug distribution services
  • retail pharmacy services through the Pharmacentre

Services Provided

Pharmacists are integral members of the interdisciplinary teams, working with patients and other healthcare professionals to provide pharmaceutical care.  Pharmacists work in the inpatient setting, and in the outpatient oncology, dialysis, and other ambulatory care clinics.

Pharmacists are responsible for review of physician orders and maintaining patient medication profiles from which the computerized medication administration records are generated.

The comprehensive drug distribution system at Credit Valley includes unit dose, an IV admixture and chemotherapy programme, automated dispensing machine and point of use technology. In the near future all medications dispensed from pharmacy will be bar-coded to facilitate bedside medication verification.

Contact information

Pharmacentre: 905 813 3970
Pharmacy Reception: 905 813 1614

Frequently Asked Questions

Retail pharmacy services are provided through the Pharmacentre (INSERT LINK).