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Protecting your privacy

Protecting your Privacy


This information has been provided as a result of a joint initiative by
The Credit Valley Hospital
Trillium Health Centre
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Our Commitment to Privacy, Confidentiality and Security of Personal Health Information

When you come to the hospital to receive care, we need to ask you a variety of personal and healthrelated questions. This information helps us to determine the best way to care for you. We will also ask your permission to perform tests or procedures required for your care.
We collect, use and share your personal health information with other healthcare providers in order to:
  • Provide treatment
  • Improve the quality of service we provide through surveys and chart reviews
  • Find out if your services are covered by a medical plan
  • Contact you for donations
  • Meet legislative requirements

You have our promise that we will keep your personal information confi dential and only use the information in order to provide your health care.
You do have the right to refuse to give personal or health information.
However, failure to do so could impact our ability to provide the care you require.

For More Information About the Privacy Act Contact The Chief Privacy Officer at 905-813-3830


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