Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety at The Credit Valley Hospital

Incidents may occur that will affect the day-to-day operations at The Credit Valley Hospital. Multiple emergency code responses enable us to support and protect our patients, staff, volunteers, and the general public in the event of a disruption / emergency.

Emergency codes are announced over the hospital's intercom system and through email to staff and physicians if needed. If the emergency is contained within a specific area in the hospital, the announcement will include this information. Appropriate actions in response to the emergency will also be communicated if necessary.

Below are some of the emergency codes that may occur that could affect the day-to-day operations and require action from our staff, physicians, volunteers, patients and the public. Staff receive ongoing training on the codes and regularly participate in exercises to test our policies and responses to these emergency events.

If you require help during an emergency situation, please ask an employee or volunteer for assistance.

Descriptions of Emergency Codes
Code: Description:
Code Red: Fire
Code Green: Evacuation Crisis
Code Black: Bomb Threat
Code Yellow: Missing Patient
Code Brown: Internal Air / Chemical Contamination / Hazardous Spill
Code White: Violent Person
Code Orange: External Disaster
Code Blue: Cardiac/Respratory Arrest
Code Pink: Paediatric Cardiac Arrest
Code Amber Alert: Missing Infant/Child
Code Purple: Hostage Taking
Code Grey: External Air Contamination
Code Lockdown: Violence Involving Weapons
333: Medical Gas and Utilities Failure

For further information on The Credit Valley Hospital's Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety, please call 905-813-1100.


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