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Quality & Risk Management

Quality - our collective and individual mission at CVH

The provision of healthcare has never been more complex or demanding of those that work in the field than it is today. At The Credit Valley Hospital quality is the strategy for our organization to meet these healthcare challenges – to ensure that quality is the way we work everyday and therefore making quality improvement part of everything we do. Collectively and individually we realize that it takes our active and conscious participation in quality and patient safety to make CVH great.

Achieving better results in health care means finding new and often dramatic ways of looking at old and emerging problems ensuring that best practice are adopted and by utilizing our greatest resource – each other. Together, as we design and implement new systems for care, we become capable of performance levels previously unimaginable. To make this happen everyone must challenge the status quo and work together to show our patients and services we work with how great healthcare can be.

Ingredients for Improvement
The are three essential ingredients for the improvement of anything – the WILL and desire to make something better, the great IDEAS that will result in improvement and the EXECUTION to effectively apply changes and sustain improvements at the department, programme and corporate level. This cycle of improvement supports the need for and commitment to continuous learning.

The Quality & Risk Management Team
Our quality & risk management team acts as an organizational resource, consultant, facilitator and change agent to add value to all areas of the hospital in support of the mission, vision and values of the hospital. We work with hospital teams through the skills of facilitation, problem-solving and project management, provide data and information to help create change, innovation and best practice achievement and work in partnership with all areas of the organization to identify risk and promote patient safety.
With input from CVH we have developed a strategic quality framework. This framework guides our thinking about how the work we do each day supports the mission of CVH. Its broadest dimensions are work life, system quality, clinical quality, client/community focus and financial performance, which require us to balance these dimensions in the provision of care and service. Along with a balanced scorecard Click to see more details in this window we can measure our performance and determine our directions to gain and sustain in our pursuit of quality in care.

Our Website
This website is made up of resources which include clinical practice guidelines, pre-printed physician orders and clinical pathways.
Please contact us, we are here to give you the support and expertise you need to invest in quality and we invite your feedback or suggestions to continually improve our website.

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