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Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care is committed to addressing the spiritual and religious needs of patients, families and staff. We seek to help those at The Credit Valley Hospital use their own faith, faith symbols and practices to move them in a direction that is creative, wholesome and healthful.

Values For The Delivery Of Spiritual And Religious Care:

We believe:

    • that spiritual and religious care is a distinctive and necessary part of holistic health care
    • in the intrinsic worth of all persons and their right to receive appropriate care, physically, mentally and spiritually
    • in respecting persons of various religious beliefs, traditions and community/cultural backgrounds.
    • that spiritual and religious care can have a positive influence on the healing process of the person.
    • in providing opportunities for patients, families and friends to identify and communicate their needs.
    • that spiritual and religious care creates relationships with the community of faith beyond the hospital.

We believe that persons involved in the provision of spiritual and religious care are accountable to their own faith community, the department of spiritual care and to The Credit Valley Hospital. The coordinator of spiritual care helps patients to meet their spiritual and religious needs by providing patient visitation, counseling, support for ethical deliberation, and also spiritual support for staff.

These needs may be met through patient visitation conducted by:

  • The coordinator of spiritual and religious care
  • Spiritual Care Visitors from the department who are trained in Multifaith visitation, as well as in grief and bereavement issues
  • The patient's own religious leader
  • Parish Visitors from the patient's own congregation.

There does not have to be an "urgent reason" to ask for a visit from spiritual care. Many patients and families have considerable concern as they enter hospital. It is not unusual to feel lonely and separated from important family members and friends, to be apprehensive, to feel a need to talk to someone, and to share feelings and concerns. Patients and their families may be drawing on their own spiritual strength through a time of crisis and need someone to be there with them or perhaps to pray with them. The department of spiritual care will contact community faith groups for patients wishing to receive visits from their religious leaders and take referrals from staff, who feel spiritual support is required for patients and their families.

The secretary of spiritual care is available to meet and welcome all visitors to the department. She receives telephone calls and referrals requesting spiritual assistance, and will gather information and contact the appropriate person. The secretary is available to assist in locating a particular patient when necessary.

The spiritual care advisory committee serves as an advisory body to review, assess and evaluate pastoral care issues through the resources of The Credit Valley Hospital and the religious community. The committee is made up of twelve representatives from the faith community and from hospital staff.

The coordinator of spiritual care is also available to meet the needs of staff. Please feel free to drop by the office, located in Room 2555, across from the Dean M. Sane auditorium, or call to set up a convenient time to meet.

Weekly Christian interdenominational services are held in the meditation room on Sundays at 2:00 p.m. A Roman Catholic communion service is celebrated in the meditation room on the second Sunday of each month at 4:00 p.m. A memorial service is held quarterly for the families of patients who have died. Other services such as a candle-lighting service prior to Christmas and imposition of Ashes at the beginning of Lent are also held. Prayer rugs are available for Muslim prayers and a small group has gathered on Friday afternoon to offer community prayers. Staff are welcome to attend any of these services.

The meditation room, on level 2 of the patient care wing, is available to everyone as a quiet place for prayer and meditation. Holy books of a number of the world's religions are on the shelves as are some symbols of different faith traditions.

To reach a hospital Chaplain or Roman Catholic priest on call contact spiritual and religious care at 905-813-3984 during the week from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. After hours, or on the weekend, the associate chaplain on call and the Roman Catholic priest on call are available to respond to urgent needs. You may reach either of them through the hospital switchboard at 4466.

Author: Rev. Mary Dodge Bovaird, coordinator spiritual care