Family Support and Visiting

Please consider the following guidelines:
While in hospital, FAMILY are considered to be those individuals identified by you, the patient, who offer support for your care.
Those individuals not identified as FAMILY are considered VISITORS.

FAMILY providing direct patient support are welcome anytime.
VISITORS are welcome 11:00 AM - 8:30 PM.
Children must always be supervised.
There are exceptions for children under 12 years of age, please discuss with the patient care unit staff.

The number of individuals at the bedside is based on activity on the patient care unit and on the individual needs of the patient.
Family/visitors who are unwell should not come to the hospital until they are feeling better.
Respect patient privacy by knocking on the door before entering a patient room.
Please do not enter rooms marked as isolation without first discussing the special care required with the patient care unit staff.

Thank you for your cooperation.


  • Ample visitor parking is available in the main parking lot, parking deck, and the rehabilitation services parking lot of the hospital.
  • Parking fees are $3 per half an hour, or part thereof, to a daily maximum of $16.00 per stay
  • There are clearly designated parking spaces reserved for the handicapped.
  • Parking along fire routes is illegal and will result in a parking violation ticket.
  • Patients being admitted for elective surgery are advised to leave their vehicles at home.
  • For patients who have transported themselves and whose treatment results in hospital admission, it is advisable to have a relative or friend remove the vehicle from the hospital premises.

see Detailed Parking Information page»


Hospital Visiting Tips

  • Keep your visits short…no more than 15 minutes at a time because that length of time will be enough to tire the patient.
  • Limit visitors to two at a time to ensure that the patient and others in the room or on the nursing unit, are not overwhelmed by too much company and too much noise.
  • Friends and family should monitor the number and frequency of visits so that the patient is able to get enough rest. Designate one or two people to visit on behalf of the family and friends.
  • Children are the responsibility of the visitor not the nurses on the unit. Remember, children become bored very quickly. It's much better to have the child send their get well message with the designated visitor.
  • Pocket Talkers are available for individuals who are hard of hearing. Language interpretation services can also be arranged. Please let hospital staff know if you have a specific need.
  • Floral arrangements or fruit baskets may not be appropriate for certain patients. Have the designated visitor check with the nurse.
  • If you visit when the physician or other health care professionals are with the patient, please excuse yourself.


Emergency Department Support

One support person will be permitted to accompany each emergency department patient. Children 18 and under may have both parents/guardians to accompany them.
Patients in the emergency department who are awaiting admission to a nursing unit will have one visitor between 2:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. (regular visiting hours) except in exceptional circumstances.

Outpatient Appointments

Adult patients are encouraged to select one support person to accompany them to their outpatient appointment. Where others are integral to meet the patient’s physical, emotional, language, spiritual and cultural needs, exceptions may be made.
This discussion will take place with the patient or family representative and a member of the multidisciplinary team.
Children 12 or under will not be allowed to accompany outpatients to their appointments unless they are supervised by an adult over 18 years of age. However, it is strongly recommended that whenever possible, children not come to hospital for this purpose.
Support persons will wait in waiting areas while patients are receiving their tests etc. unless it is necessary for patient support.
Paediatric patients may be accompanied by one or both parents/guardians to their outpatient appointments.

Wireless High Speed Internet throughout the Hospital

Patients and visitors now have access to wireless high speed internet throughout the hospital and including Watline Renal Care Centre. We have four options for wireless internet access at Credit Valley:

  • 24 Hours - $6.95
  • 3 Days - $15.95
  • 7 Days - $25.95
  • 1 Month - $44.95

Visa, Mastercard and American Express are all accepted. All plans must be pre-paid prior to receiving service.
To use the internet, you will need your own laptop or other wireless-enabled computing device. Once you start your computer, the operating system will automatically connect to a special wireless network. Once connected, you can open your web browser at which time you will be prompted to register for the service. It’s that easy!

Other Important Reminders

Power off all cellphones while in hospital.

Latex balloons can cause severe allergies and are not permitted in the hospital.

The hospital does not accept responsibility for a patient’s personal items and valuables. A safety deposit box is available at the cashiers desk or ask your nurse to call security.